Knowing Your Freight

Volume LTL ( Partial load)

  • More than 6 pallets, more than 5000 LBS, or taking between 12 – 32 feet of trailer space.
  • Along the shipping lane, just pay the rate for space ( weight) your freight take from the whole trailer.
  • Dock to dock delivery like FTL services.

FTL ( Full truckload), flatbed

  • Exclusive dry van or flatbed just only carry your freight.
  • It will deliver straight from dock to dock. There is no transferring between the mid-transit terminal.

Standard LTL ( Less truckload)

  • Less than 6 pallets and less than 5000 LBS. 
  • Not require a dedicated truck. Typically ship with many separate shipments on one truck.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?